“Making games should be good for the soul.”

Panta World

Are you a multitasking mastermind with control over your stress levels? Panta World is a game that tests your reaction ability to the max and lets you practice serious dexterity! Perform crazy combos and survive adrenaline-pouring events when you take on the task of sorting the right bottles in the correct container. Save the world a lot of energy and challenge your friends with the global highscore list. Play the game on your own or with family and friends – on the same device!


Attempt to escape forgotten temples as you keep leaping upon falling platforms. Traverse different temples that have various traps and dangerous hazards. Collect diamonds to unlock new characters and play as your favourite temple dweller! Ascent will feature immersive environments, an addictive soundtrack and gameplay that will keep you coming back trying to beat your high score!

Coming Soon


Elyzandra follows the tale of Elly, a young woman who sets out to save the world from the evil plans of Malgorzata. This game features a free roaming world map which allows you to explore tangled forests, deep caves and bustling villages. Take out your sword while you battle monsters who stand in your way, or take a moment to try out some new clothes in a nearby town. The world of Nuxelia is full of secrets for you to unveil as you go on a vast adventure to save the world from devastation!

Coming Soon

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